Wood windows and doors

WOod WIndows and Doors

Classics for Keeps

Wood has long been a classic home design choice to add warmth, richness and beauty. It is no wonder that Marie Flanigan of Marie Flanigan Interiors looked to Renaissance Windows and Doors for wood clad windows in her family’s home. The beauty of which added to her impeccable design featured in Architectural Digest.

Anyone who has lived in an older home with traditional wood windows and doors knows that the upkeep isn’t easy, especially in coastal regions like Houston. Salt, wind, and rain can damage wood windows and doors more quickly than drier, more arid regions. Regular cleaning and inspection can keep damage at bay. Look for mildew growth, peeling paint, rotten, warped or swollen wood. The intensive upkeep of older wood windows and doors has caused many homeowners to look for replacement products. Alternate materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or vinyl have become popular choices for replacement windows and doors. But, if you want to keep the integrity of your home by keeping the beauty and richness of wood, there are many products that are durable and virtually maintenance-free.

All-Wood Windows and Doors

Sierra Pacific Windows produces beautiful all-wood windows and patio doors you can feel good about. This manufacturer is part of Sierra Pacific Industries which sustainably manages 2 million acres of timberland in California and Washington State. Sierra Pacific adheres to the environmental protection standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

Beyond environmentally conscious products, Sierra Pacific has engineered all-wood windows and patio doors for exceptional thermal performance and long-term durability, combining timeless elegance with minimal maintenance for the homeowner. Sierra Pacific treats these all wood products with CoreGuard Plus, a leading wood treatment against rot and insects. CoreGuard Plus is a patented process that penetrates wood right to the core to repel water, so windows and patio doors are less likely to warp or swell and have superior dimensional stability. CoreGuard Plus also contains fungicides and insecticides to deeply protect all wood species from pests and rotting.

The hand-crafted appeal of real wood is offered in nine species of wood and 13 trim patterns to match or compliment any design consideration. Real wood with a new reality of maintenance makes Sierra Pacific’s all-wood products a beautiful choice.

Wood Clad Windows and Doors

An increasingly popular choice is Wood Clad windows and doors. This “best of both worlds” option gives homeowners the elegance of wood interiors while enjoying the low maintenance of aluminum, fiberglass and other hybrid products on the exterior.

Wood windows and doors

Kolbe Windows and Doors offers two lines of wood clad windows and doors. The Ultra Series offers versatile styling, from traditional to modern architectural details. Divided lite profile and patterns as well as efficient glass choices make this ideal for warm wood interiors in familiar and exotic wood species, available in 20 pre-finish choices. The exterior is made of strong and durable extruded aluminum, offered in a palette of 50+ prefinished choices, so painting windows is a thing of the past. The wood species used are renewable resources sourced from managed forests, while the standard glass contains 25-30% recycled content. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood species are used in many of the window and door products.

Kolbe’s Forgent Series is ideal for window replacement projects. The wood clad option offers a Pine interior that can be prefinished with 13 water-based stains or paints from which to choose. The exterior is made of a strong and resilient Glastra proprietary product. This high-performance product is a hybrid of fiberglass and UV stable polymer, engineered in a multi-chamber ladder design for strength and energy efficiency. The exterior is available in four colors, Cloud, Sahara, Midnight, and Bronze. These replacement windows can be installed as pocket windows to minimize disruption to house trim, brick and siding.

Sierra Pacific offers two lines of wood clad windows and doors. The aluminum clad windows offer a Pine interior or can be upgraded to one of nine other species. The exterior is fully encased with a double thick, weatherproof, low maintenance aluminum, finished with a powder coating process in unlimited color choices. The H3 series offers Inventive Fusion Technology which integrates three components (extruded aluminum, vinyl, and wood) into one beautiful window with celebrated thermal performance, enhanced aesthetics, and an extreme seal. Wood interior, aluminum exterior, and a vinyl integral rigid nailing fin to provide greater structural integrity, an improved water barrier, and near elimination of racking problems.

Windsor Windows and Doors‘ Pinnacle Series uses Pine, Adler, or Douglas Fir for a beautiful wood interior and a heavy-duty extruded aluminum thermally broken frame on the exterior. Wood interior finishes can be stained or painted. Exterior colors have a full array of standard, featured, and matte colors, as well as anodized finishes.

Wood Windows and Doors for Any Style

The elegance and warmth of wood windows and doors has graced homes for centuries. Today’s manufacturers have overcome the challenges of durability and maintenance with treated all-wood products like Sierra Pacific’s CoreGuard Plus process. Those challenges have been met by aluminum clad windows with wood interiors like Sierra Pacific products, Kolbe’s Ultra Series and Windsor’s Pinnacle Series. Hybrid products offer superior durability with little maintenance. Kolbe’s Forgent series, and Sierra Pacific’s H3 series both offer beauty and strength that will last a lifetime.

modern design wood

Whether you are looking for traditional elegance or an organic element in modern design, wood brings beauty to any home. With all the wood species, construction and trim details, stains, colors homeowners can closely match existing windows in replacement projects, or find the perfect fit for remodel and new construction projects. Warm up your home with the classic style of wood, durable, maintenance free, for a lifetime of beauty and performance.

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