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MI Windows and Doors

Precision Built Aluminum and Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Large Footprint. Smallest Detail.

As one of the nation’s largest suppliers of high-quality windows for remodeling, replacement, and new construction projects, our customers count on us to provide a proven product that goes beyond expectations.

Remodeling and Replacement Products

High Quality Windows and Sliding Glass Doors

MI windows offers an easy-to-understand replacement window program anchored by their three windows–1620 single-hung, 1555 double-hung, and 1650 double-hung–with options for enhanced performance and style, creating a true “Good, Better, Best” platform.  The 1620 “Good” option single hung window offers operating archtop configurations. The 1555 “Better” option is a step-up double hung that doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost. The 1650 “Best” option is double-hung and meets Energy Star requirements for all zones with little to no upgrades.

Utilizing the same stylish sash profile with a nearly endless amount of optional upgrades, MI is able to offer a wide variety of enhancements and options to suit all of your replacement window needs. 

Mi Windows and Doors - Residential Bathroom

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New Construction Windows and Doors

Exceeding Industry Standards

MI’s state of the art facilities, one-of-a-kind quality management program and robust in-house testing protocol help ensure they meet and often exceed industry standards.  In fact, their test wall is one of the most extensive in the industry, allowing them to conduct comprehensive tests so they can rapidly analyze and refine their products.  The engineering team also conducts several additional tests that go beyond  the requirements for the American Architectural Manufacturing Association (AAMA) and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certifications including sealant, vinyl impact, cold-weather performance, and more.  The result is a superior product backed by the company’s Limited Lifetime Customer Assurance warranty. 

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors

Repels in the Harshest Conditions

Designed to protect your home from the devastation caused by severe storms, MI’s StormArmor impact-resistant package helps keep wind, debris, and most water out of your home without the need for secondary shutters or plywood.  

StormArmor-enhanced products are tested for use in hurricane-prone states including Florida and the Texas Gulf Coast where stringent codes require high levels of performance.  These products have passed tests at an AAMA certified testing lab, standing up to rigid requirements for impact-resistance.  After being struck by an eight-foot long nine pound 2×4 at close proximity, the weather barrier remained in place with no breaches.  With StormArmor, you get high performance protection that doesn’t sacrifice style. MI’s warranty provides 10 years of protection on most parts, frame material, and insulated glass panels. 

Interior Living Room Windows and Doors

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