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Renaissance Windows and Doors represents more than a dozen of the nation’s top window and door manufacturers, each offering multiple product lines to give you a vast selection. From traditional styles to ultra modern, you may select a style which closely matches the existing windows and doors in your home, or you may select windows and doors that will elevate, update, or modernize the look of your home.

Interior Kitchen and Living Room Replacement Windows

Materials and Finishes

Select from a multitude of window frames in a variety of materials–fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl, metal, or a combination of materials. Some materials can be used for thinner frames, allowing for an increase in the size of the glazing (glass) which can be one piece, divided lites, or grilles-in-the-airspace. Glazing also has a variety of choices from tinting and opacity, to speciality features like impact/security glass, or noise reduction glass. Select interior and exterior colors or wood stains.  Complete your selection with hardware like handles and locks which are offered in many styles, colors and finishes.  

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Replacement Windows

Selecting the right window replacement in Houston can redefine your home. At Renaissance Windows & Doors, we offer a variety of styles tailored to your needs. From the classic slide of single and double-hung windows to the picturesque appeal of fixed windows. Prefer the side-hinged design of casement windows or the top-hinged elegance of awning windows? We’ve got you covered. For a broader view, our bay windows and bow windows are favorites. If you fancy side-to-side movement, our glider windows are perfect. Beyond these, we also provide impact security windows and soundproof replacements, ensuring safety and serenity. And for those with a unique vision, our specialty-shaped windows bring it to life. Trust Renaissance Windows & Doors to match your window aspirations in Houston.

Exterior Patio Doors


Types of doors are typically named for their function. The Front Entry Door is styled to your home’s aesthetic and to provide gorgeous curb appeal. Patio Sliding Doors open up outdoor living spaces.  Exterior Folding Doors are hinged and designed for each panel to fold back onto the other in a bi-fold or tri-fold fashion to create a grand opening. Take this idea a step further and the Glass Wall System opens an entire glass wall to bring the outside in.  French Doors have long been a popular choice for outside access to gardens. Pivot Doors are connected at the top and bottom of the door with a pivot box instead of traditional hinges for a contemporary look.  Pocket Doors slide into a pocket in the wall to stay out of view.

  •  “They are very high quality and take time to measure and install correctly…

    We are very pleased.”  Jay T. – Houston on NextDoor.com

    Jay T. recommends Renaissance Windows & Doors
  • “The market has a lot of choices. We found a much better product and installation experience with Renaissance than what is being offered by the three or four heavily promoted vinyl window replacement companies advertising in this area.”

    – Henry O. 5-Star Google Review

    Henry O. recommends Renaissance Windows & Doors
  • “Renaissance is well represented by their installers. They were exceptionally professional, did excellent work, overcame the obstacles this old house threw at them, and left it looking spectacular.”

    – Devin Z. 5-Star Google Review

    Devin Z. recommends Renaissance Windows & Doors
  • “We had a great experience. It was smooth from the start. The sales team helped us select our preferred items and then we scheduled the installation with Renaissance Windows & Doors. Our salesperson did a good job explaining the windows and the process prior to installation as well.” 

    -Kelly J.  5-Star Google Review

    Kelly J. recommends Renaissance Windows & Doors

More Than Just a Pretty Face

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25% of break-ins are through a window, whether by breaking the glass or through a faulty lock.  Security or “impact” windows help keep your home safe from break-ins and severe weather like hurricanes and they offer slim, elegant locking mechanisms which adds to its beauty and security.  Impact glass secures the window from breakage with a special vinyl interlayer, so the glass remains in place when it is cracked, keeping intruders out.  Impact glass also protects your home during hurricanes so, no more boarding up windows when a storm is on the way!   Because these windows add extra security to your home, your home insurance premiums may decrease as much as $10,000 per year!   In addition, security windows may very well pay for themselves by preventing expensive and extensive damage to your home.

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Sound Barrier

City life in Houston can be vibrant and exciting, but when it’s time to relax you don’t want to bring city noises into your home.  Dogs barking late at night, weed eaters and lawn mowers early in the morning, saws and hammers from construction crews down the street, and the loud banging of garbage trucks emptying dumpsters, are all common complaints.  Renaissance Windows and Doors offers noise reduction windows to block annoying sounds and give your home the peace and quiet you deserve.  These special windows have an extra layer of glass, or added layers of a thick, bonded, invisible, laminate film, which acts as a sound barrier.  Let the noise of train whistles, screeching tires, yappy dogs, construction saws, and leaf blowers stay outside where they belong.

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Energy Efficiency

According to homeadvisor.com, replacing your single pane windows with energy efficient, double pane windows make a dramatic difference in cooling your home in the summer, and warming it in the winter.  Energy efficient windows can reduce energy usage by as much as 24% in the winter, and 18% in the hot summer months. Federal residential energy tax credits may also be taken in the year in which the installation is completed.  Energy Star tax credits for primary residents are 10% of the cost of the window, up to $200, and doors up to $500.  The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act further enhances this by offering a federal tax credit for replacing windows and doors of up to $500 for windows and $600 for doors.  

Estimated up to 70% immediate ROI (Return on Investment) when replacing windows and doors. See what your ROI could be. Call us today!

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