Loewen windows in houston, texas are a beautiful upgrade to any home.


Premium Windows and Doors for the Luxury Architectural Market

Loewen Since 1905, A Design-Driven, technology-advanced company of the Modern Age


Loewen is committed to producing handcrafted windows and doors. Their expert artisans ensure their fit-and-finish is unparalleled. These craftspeople are supported by high-tech, automated technologies, but it’s the skilled hands in the makerspaces that have earned Loewen’s reputation among discerning architects, builders, and homeowners.

  • Loewen’s plant is made up of specialized makerspaces rather than traditional assembly lines; the expert craftspeople who occupy these spaces have decades of experience in their craft
  • Small batch, tailor-made production is at the core of our manufacturing processes
  • Loewen’s fit-and-finish is perfected by hand, resulting in an aesthetic that is second to none
  • Loewen’s handcrafted production is supported by high-tech, automated technologies
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Loewen uses authentic materials of the finest grade. At their core, Loewen is a designer and manufacturer of wood windows and doors. They use solid wood laminations, not veneers. Their extruded aluminum is the highest quality. Their operating hardware is bronze, brass, zinc, and stainless steel – all genuine materials, not imitations.

  • Loewen’s standard wood is Coastal Douglas Fir
  • Alternate species such as Honduran Mahogany, White Oak, Accoya and others are also available
  • Loewen uses solid wood makeups, not veneers
  • Their operating hardware is solid metal, including bronze, brass, zinc and stainless steel
  • Loewen’s Cyprium Collection features genuine Copper and Bronze with hand-soldered joints


Their designs are Enduring, both aesthetically and in performance. They work tirelessly to create products that are timeless, whether that means being true to historical architecture or by creating a lasting contemporary design. Behind the outward beauty is a functional performance that gives you an industry-leading experience for years to come.

  • Sash and frame components are engineered laminations for strength and stability
  • Moldings are solid wood as opposed to veneer-wrapped plastics
  • Integral extruded aluminum nail fin is our standard, providing water and structural integrity
  • Standard venting channel for extended sealed unit longevity
  • Architecturally correct joinery such as triple mortise and tenon for superior structural integrity
  • Factory assembled metal-clad architectural casings that are applied post-installation for maximum weather protection

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