Residential Home with Impact/Security Windows

Safety Windows

Weathering Hurricanes and Year-Round Safety

Hurricane-Proof Windows

Quit Boarding Windows to Protect Your Home

Impact windows, also called Security Windows protect your home from severe weather like hurricanes.  No need to board up your windows when a storm is on the way.  Renaissance Windows and Doors will work with TDI/TWIA inspector to ensure your windows meet TDI/TWIA Certification. 

Security Windows

25% of Break-Ins are Through a Window

According to Daily Home Safety, 25% of break-ins are through a window, whether by breaking the glass or through a faulty lock. Security or “impact” windows help keep your home safe from break-ins and they offer slim, elegant locking mechanisms which adds to its beauty and security.

Impact Glass

Security for Your Home

Impact glass secures the window from breakage with a special vinyl interlayer, so the glass remains in place when it is cracked, keeping intruders out. Impact glass also protects your home during hurricanes so, no more boarding up windows when a storm is on the way!

Save Money

Reduce Insurance Premiums

Because these windows add extra security to your home, your home insurance premiums may decrease as much as $10,000 per year! In addition, security windows may very well pay for themselves by preventing expensive and extensive damage to your home.

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