Stunning Therma-Tru doors in various styles, offering both beauty and performance, perfect for enhancing a home's entrance and reflecting the homeowner's unique taste.

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Choosing a Therma-Tru door means designing an inspired entrance with the confidence that it will perform for years to come.  Whether it’s Classic or Contemporary–or somewhere in between–Therma-Tru offers a wide selection to complement the architecture of a home and a homeowner’s sense of style. 

But it’s more than beauty that makes Therma-Tru doors the brand builders and remodelers prefer most.  With a complete door system engineered with craftsman precision and backed by more than 55 years of industry experience, you can be confident that it will perform as exceptionally as it looks.  That’s where the beauty of choosing Therma-Tru begins.


Unlocking Imagination

Home design trends blend together as we unlock our imaginations to create a variety of unique looks for the front entry.  Therma-Tru’s exciting new products bring together form, function and lifestyle trends that allow today’s design-savvy homeowners to create exteriors that reflect their personal style while ultimately making them feel more at home. 

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Focus on Style

Classic Craft

The new Classic Craft Series aims to deliver the on-trend entryways. Working with style and trend experts, Therma-Tru curated three unique collections–Artissa, Founders, and Visionary.  Artissa offers casual, relaxed and simple design, while Founders takes a time-honored, traditional approach.  Visionary’s confidence shines in modern and minimalist styles. 

Fiber-Classic Smooth Star

With many door styles in common and glass families that cross over between door collections, these fiberglass doors offer flexible options to fit virtually every entrance from front entry to patio to utility doors at an excellent value.  Mahogany or Oak finishes the Fiber-Classic for the beauty and elegance of wood grain, while Smooth-Star doors are ready-to-paint with crisp, clean contours. 

Steel Doors

The Profiles collection couples distinctive styling with affordability, featuring triple-shadowed panel embossments. The Traditions collection is back to basics combining attractive designs with value-based options. Both collections offer versatile front entry and house-to-garage doors. 

Interior Living Room Windows and Doors

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