Replacement windows in Houston, Texas

Window Replacement in houston: Is it time?

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Windows and Doors

Window Replacement in Houston: Is it time?

Replacement windows update your home inside and out for beauty and performance.

Consider the Age of Your Home

In areas considered close to town, like West University, Garden Oaks, Spring Branch, and Memorial Villages more than 75% of the homes were built before 1999.  Areas farther out in the suburbs like the Westchase area, Briargrove Park/Walnut Bend, Spring, Clear Lake, and Friendswood as much as 90% of the homes are 20 years or older.   

Home windows typically have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Once windows reach this age, the seals may start to weaken or fail, which leaves you open to water seepage and drafts. Anyone living in Houston for any length of time knows how important it is to keep air conditioning from escaping in the hot summer months.  Houstonians also know that water seepage can be especially dangerous when the rains can be so harsh as to cause flash flooding. During recent winters with record-breaking freezes and ice storms, Houston homeowners couldn’t keep their homes warm due to drafts from failing windows and doors. On top of all of these weather conditions, Houstonians are also concerned for the safety of their homes during hurricane season each year.  

Replacing your old, outdated windows and doors will provide numerous performance benefits. Windows and doors will open and close easily, lock more securely, and reduce outside noises, keeping your home more secure and serene. New windows and doors also improve energy efficiency which helps keep your home cool in the hot summer months, and warm during freezing winters.  Improved energy efficiency also means lower energy bills. Impact windows keep your home more secure from break-ins and severe weather like hurricanes.  There is no need to board windows when a hurricane is lurking in the Gulf.  

Consider the Performance of Your Windows from the Inside

Beautiful Home with Impact Security windows in Houston, Texas

Check your windows from inside your home.  Are your windows stuck and won’t open?  Windows that are stuck and won’t open could be caused by a damaged window frame or the window itself.  The window frame may be swollen due to the humid weather in Houston. The hardware on the window may also be broken. If your windows are stuck and won’t open, you can try cleaning any debris in the window’s sliding tracks, making minor adjustments to the balance mechanism, or replacing the hardware. If the windows are still sticking, it might be time to replace your windows.   

Do your windows condensate?  Condensation is primarily caused when window seals have failed and are leaking. This traps moisture in your windows causing condensation.  If the seals have failed, it may be time to replace your windows. 

Do you feel drafts?  Drafts are also caused by failed seals in your windows.  Drafts allow cooler air inside your home to escape, putting a strain on your air conditioner in the summer months. Many Houston homeowners felt a cold breeze during the ice storm as drafts blew in and allowed heat to escape, making it impossible to keep their homes at comfortable temperatures. If you feel drafts around your windows, it may be time to replace your windows. 

Do your windows and doors have rotten wood?  If you see rotten wood on your windows and doors it is time to replace them.  Not only is this an issue of energy efficiency, it is also a safety issue.  Burglars can easily break through windows with rotten wood to enter your home.  As crime rates rise in Houston, it might be time to replace your windows. 

Do you hear traffic, sirens, dogs barking, or lawn equipment?  Window Replacements can drastically reduce outside noises from a bustling city such as Houston. Even the quietest of neighborhoods can be thick with leaf blowers on Saturday mornings, or dogs barking late at night. If your home isn’t as quiet as you like, it might be time to replace your windows.  

Are your floors and furnishings near windows fading?  Without UV protection in the glass of your windows, floors, carpet, and furnishings placed near a window can fade in the sunshine.  If your valuables are at risk of fading and discoloration, it might be time to replace your windows. 

Even with a freshly painted room or new window treatments, do the windows in your home make the room look “shabby”?  The importance of your decor to reflect your taste and your mental well-being can be undermined by windows that look like they’ve seen better days. If your windows and doors are not living up to the aesthetics of your decor, it might be time to replace your windows. 


The outside of your home is a reflection of your taste and style to your neighborhood and your community.  The curb appeal of your home can also determine your home’s value.  Is paint chipping and/or faded on your window frames?  “Shabby” can follow you outside, bringing down the aesthetic of your landscaping and the overall appearance of your home.  Replacement windows can bring your home up to date with more modern styles.  Many replacement window materials never need painting and are virtually maintenance free.  

Do you have to climb a ladder to clean upper story windows?  Replacement windows have features that tilt the window inside for cleaning so climbing ladders are a thing of the past.  

Do you board your windows when threatened with a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico?  Many replacement windows offer impact or security glass which does not have to be boarded up for severe weather.  Impact windows also protect your home from intruders, as the glass can not be easily broken.  Impact windows may reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums.  

If you’re a homeowner in Houston, Texas, considering an upgrade to boost energy efficiency, security, noise reduction, and overall beauty and value, think about window replacement. One reliable option for this endeavor is Renaissance Windows and Doors, reachable at 713-863-9988. Renaissance Windows and Doors has been specializing in window replacement in Houston, assisting residents in achieving a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and performance for their homes.

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