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Installing windows and doors correctly is key to longevity and durability. Homeowners painstakingly select every aspect of their custom windows and doors from the materials like wood, thermal break aluminum, fiberglass, wood clad and others, to the glazing, grilles, color or stain, and hardware. Windows and doors are selected for their beauty, durability, energy efficiency, safety, and sound-proofing. That’s just the beginning. The grand finale comes on installation day.

Whether new construction, remodel or replacement windows and doors, incorrect installation can cause trouble down the road. Besides obvious issues like drafts or encumbered opening and closing operations, windows and doors not installed properly can cause breached seals. If your windows and doors aren’t sealed properly your home can succomb to water damage, rot, and pests hidden inside the walls. In many cases, thes issues goes undetected for years until the damage is so widespread it appears on the surface.

Besides the damage an improper installation can cause to your home, if the installer does not follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, the installation may negate your warranty on the windows and doors. Always look for certified installers for the products you are purchasing.

To add to this potential peril, many window and doors companies outsource the installation process, by using subcontractors. Many times, those subcontractors use subcontractors. The homeowner gives their trust to the window and door company, who in turn allows total strangers with no accountability to breach their home. These subcontractors may not be experienced in window and door installation, and may not be certified. Subcontractors (and subcontractors of subcontractors) may leave you liable in case of accident or injury, counting on your homeowners’ insurance to cover any loss. Speaking of liability, who guarantees the work? Will everyone involved simply point a finger?

At Renaissance Windows and Doors, we take your trust seriously and strive to be worthy of that trust. The Renaissance installation team are our employees, not subcontractors. Since most have worked for us for years, we know our installers, their certifications, experience and skills, and we match each job with the best installer for that situation. We frequently receive compliments on our installers’ professionalism and the care they take in your home. Our workers are covered for accident or injury by our company’s Workers’ Comp insurance policy.

In addition to the manufacturer’s guidelines, each Renaissance installer follows our Exclusive Install-24 process to ensure consistency and excellence on every job. For instance, our installers verify the fit of the new unit to the opening before removing the current window or door. They replace one window at time, completing each before moving to the next window. This minimizes your home’s exposure to weather, insects, and intruders and reduces the loss of AC or heat. This also avoids leaving an opening overnight.

Renaissance installers construct a Zip Wall System inside, if ceiling height allows. This system reduces work dust and debris. Tarps are placed around the work area and on work paths to further keep your home clean. Pictured is a Zip Wall System in use while updating our showroom with the latest trends in windows and doors.

Your health and safety is our main concern. For this reason, the current glass is carefully removed with a glass cutter instead of busting out the glass which can cause glass to fly inside or outside your home. We use low VOC caulk which reduces health risks like allergies. And once the installation is complete any work debris on floors, flowerbeds, etc. is cleaned.

Window stickers are removed and glass is wiped clean. Although this is not intended to be a professional glass cleaning, your new windows and doors will look great.

Window and door replacement

Once the installation is complete, your installer will answer your questions and review with you the following:

Renaissance Windows and Doors takes great care in helping you select the right product for performance, durability, and your home’s unique aesthetic. Our installation team takes great care in ensuring that product is installed correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions and our Exclusive Install-24 process. From the first hello, to the final thank you, Renaissance Windows and Doors is Houston’s best source for custom windows and doors. Call today to see the Renaissance difference, 713-863-9988. Or, stop by our showroom to see the latest trends in windows and doors.