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Replacing the windows on your home can be a daunting task. When asked what type of replacement windows, most customers reply with something like “white windows,” or “black windows,” or one of the hundreds of colors available in window design. There are so many choices in custom windows, you’ll want to be prepared for a long conversation. A salesman who simply stops by your house to show you windows in one style, one material, one (or two) colors in a handful of stock sizes, usually is more interested in a sale, than in the well-being of your home. A salesman who is more interested in you and your home, than his ability to make a sale, will naturally shine as he takes the time to explain the plethora of choices and guide you to the best solution. Following-up that in-home consultation with a showroom appointment will give you the ability to touch and feel, open and close, ask questions, and gain confidence in your decisions.


First to consider is the style of your home. Is it traditional, contemporary, ultra modern, or somewhere in between? Also, going hand-in-hand with the style is the type of windows needed. Double hung windows and single hung windows dominate in many traditional style homes, while fixed or picture windows may dominate an ultra modern home. Casement, awning, glider, bay and bow windows may be a solution, depending on the function needed.

Materials and budget

The style of the home will lend itself to selecting the best materials for the project. Window frames come in a variety of materials–fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl, metal, or a combination of materials. At this point, the budget of the project becomes important. The material you choose may be the main driving factor in the cost of the project. The performance and function of the window will also be a factor in determining the materials.

For instance, a traditional style may seem that all-wood windows are the solution. However, the cost of all-wood may be a deterent. Wood clad windows offer wood on the interior and another material such as aluminum, fiberglass, or vinyl on the exterior. This may lower the cost and give a great aesthetic with minimal maintenance. Many all-fiberglass or all-vinyl products can also look like painted wood, giving the homeowner the desired look without the cost or maintenance of wood.

Aluminum products are available in simulated steel. These give the sleek, timeless, and popular look of steel windows and doors without the cost of steel, or the headaches. Some materials like aluminum can be used for thinner frames, giving more expanse of glass or glazing. Aluminum is also used for many large scale windows and doors, available in sizes up to 12 feet high. This is a popular option for contemporary or ultra modern designs, but can find an application in traditional designs like Farmhouse Style as well.

Glass and Grilles

Glass or glazing, can be one piece, divided lites, or grilles-between-the-glass (GBG). Divided lites run horizontal and/or vertical on the outside of the glass. These divisions can make a number of patterns throughout the entire window or along the top as seen in many Craftsman style homes. Some grilles run diagonally making diamond patterns as in many Tudor Style homes. GBGs can have those same styles, however the grille is between the double panes of glass. This gives a smooth glass surface which can be easier for cleaning.

Glazing also has a variety of choices with tinting and opacity. Some glass has a greenish tint to it, while others have a gray tint. Opacity can take on the form of a color shade to a pattern like a waterfall, snowflakes, beveled, obscure or spray patterns. Laminated glass is used for impact or security glass. Impact glass protects the glass from break-ins and severe weather like hurricanes. Laminated glass is also used for noise reduction. Many times homeowners in urban and suburban settings opt for laminated glass to reduce noise from traffic, sirens, lawn equipment, barking dogs, or other city noises.  

Color and accessories

Run wild with color choices. White is the most common color choice, although black exterior is now all the rage. Most manufacturers give homeowners the choice of several colors and several manufacturers offer 70+ color and stain choices. Finally, the icing on the cake is the hardware. Locks, handles, screens finish off the window or door. Sleek or decorative hardware is available in several colors also, depending on the manufacturer.


The showroom is the place to touch and feel all the different materials and to see it in action. Open and close windows and doors–get the feel for how easy a window slides, how the door handle feels in your hand. Compare color samples–even if choosing white or black, there are a multitude of choices for each one. This is the place to let your sales rep guide you. At Renaissance Windows and Doors, you’ll see first-hand the expertise our sales representatives bring to your project. Every detail, every application, every project has nuances that only an experienced sales rep can navigate. Each one of the Renaissance Sales Team has more than 10 years experience, many with 20+ years. They say they’ve seen it all, until they haven’t. When encountering a new challenge, our sales reps put their experience to work problem-solving and trouble-shooting to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible. By the time you cross the threshold of the showroom, the sales rep has seen your home, taken rough measurements and started crafting the perfect solution for your situation. Meeting him at our showroom gives you an opportunity to ask questions, touch, feel, and compare products, and see demonstrations of uses and performance.

Take your time in the showroom to get your questions answered and select the best solution for your home. Let’s get started. Call 713-863-9988 to schedule an in-home consultation, or drop by our showroom in the Houston Design Center at 7026 Old Katy Rd, #158, Houston, TX 77024.