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Renaissance Replacement windows

People like us value a nice home–a place to keep our family safe, to take refuge at the end of a long day, to celebrate life’s events, to entertain friends, to belong to a community. Replacement windows bring new life to your home, your family and your neighborhood.

See how Replacement Windows brought New Life to Tanya’s Home, family, & Neighborhood:

NEW LIfe for Your Home

Replacement windows bring new life to your home by enhancing the aesthetic appeal and performance of your home, inside and out. Replacement windows help your home’s energy efficiency, often lowering your utility bill by as much as 30%. The energy efficiency helps extend the life of your HVAC system by not overburdening it due to drafts and air conditioning escaping. Replacement windows are one of the few renovations that offer an immediate Return on Investment–you don’t have to put a “For Sale” sign in your yard to see any returns. On top of all this, replacement windows protect your home’s furnishings and floors from fading.

New Life for Your Family

Replacement windows bring new life to your family. Unlike many home renovation projects, replacing your windows is one of the least disruptive. Windows are removed and installed one at a time to keep your home secure. Replacing old, rickety windows helps keep your family secure, as 15% of burglaries occur through a broken window. The added security of multi-point locks and impact glass will help protect your family for years.

A larger expanse of glass lets natural sunlight cascade into your home, providing better views, often associated with better mental health. New windows can promote better physical health by eliminating drafts and reducing allergens in your home. Windows can be configured to give better access to the aged and handicapped or to promote indoor/outdoor living. Replacement windows reduce outside noises, such as sirens, traffic, lawn equipment, barking dogs, etc., for a more peaceful environment.

New Life for Your Neighborhood

Replacement windows bring new life to your neighborhood. Restoring and updating your property enhances curb appeal, boosts property values, and can even label you a trendsetter. Your updated aesthetic will modernize your area, making it a more desirable neighborhood to live in and, in some cases, revitalize historic areas. Replacement windows will increase security, thus lowering crime for the community as a whole. With the energy efficiency of your new windows, the energy footprint of your neighborhood will be reduced, helping us all be good citizens.

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