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Replacement Windows ROI

Replacing your windows is an investment that will yield immediate returns. Many home improvement projects and remodels don’t yield any return on investment, if they do you may have to actually sell your home before you see any monetary value. Replacement windows can give you an ROI as much as 70%, and you won’t have to put a For Sale sign in your yard to see an immediate return.

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Replacement Windows Provide Numerous Benefits to Your Home

Energy Efficiency

According to, replacing your windows with energy efficient, double pane windows can reduce energy usage by as much as 24 percent in the winter, and 18 percent in the summer months. If you currently have single pane windows, new energy efficient windows should make dramatic difference in cooling your home in the summer and warming it in the winter.

Federal residential energy tax credits may also be taken in the year in which the installation is completed. Energy Star tax credits for primary residents are 10% of the cost of the window, up to $200, and doors up to $500. The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act further enhances this by offering a tax credit for replacing windows and doors of up to $500 for windows and $600 for doors.

Security Windows

Security or “impact” windows help keep your home safe from break-ins and severe weather conditions like hurricanes. 15% of break-ins are through a broken window, 23% through a window with a faulty lock. Slim, elegant locking mechanisms on the replacement windows add to its beauty and security. Impact glass secures the window from breakage. This special glass has a vinyl interlayer, so the glass remains in place when it is cracked, keeping intruders out. Impact glass also protects your home during hurricanes. No more boarding up windows when a storm is on the way! Not only do these windows add beauty and security to your home, they may decrease your home insurance premiums. It is estimated that replacing your windows with impact windows may save you as much as $10,000 per year! In addition, security windows may very well pay for themselves by preventing expensive and extensive damage to your home.

In Summary

Window replacement projects not only increase the overall value of your home, they show an immediate return on investment without having to sell your home. In addition, window replacement can add a sound barrier to your home, so you don’t hear your neighbors (and they don’t hear you). New windows increase the curb appeal of your home. And, replacing windows and doors is one of the only home projects that will update your home inside and out!

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