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Blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces

According to a recent article in Houzz Design Trends, outdoor living spaces are on the rise. Homeowners are looking to outdoor spaces for a variety of activities like exercising, cooking, and dining.  Outdoor rooms featured on HGTV often include fireplaces, outdoor kitchens, and comfortable seating adorned with cushions and pillows.  In fact, Pinterest boasts 900+ images of outdoor living spaces. So, expand your activities to the outdoors, connect the interior of your home with the great outdoors to enhance your family’s lifestyle, and make it a breeze for daily living and entertaining.  Read on to learn more about the wide variety of doors and moveable glass walls to open up your home and your daily life. 


French doors have long been a traditional choice to connect indoor spaces to the patio and garden.  Today’s technology has corrected many of the common challenges with French doors.  Multipoint locking systems keep doors in place and secure, no more blowing open during a storm or strong winds.  French doors can still have the beautiful wood finish or wood-look in materials such as fiberglass, aluminum, metal or steel that won’t rot or swell.  The glass expanse can be larger and there are a lot of colors, materials, and other options to choose from like simulated divided lites, grid styles, and internal blinds. 


Sliding doors have been the mainstay of patio doors for decades. Sliding doors have been upgraded quite a bit from the days of having “rabbit ears” on top of your television set.  Advanced technology allows sliding doors to be taller and wider with slimmer frames and profiles to expand the glass for greater views. Multi-Slide options allow each panel to open to either side to stack or slide into pockets. Many sliding doors have suspended ball bearing rolling systems on top, and heavy-duty hardware rolling systems at the base make opening and closing effortless.  Spring loaded latches, concealed latches, multi-point locking systems, and impact glass are just some of the safety features available to ensure your doors are secure. Sliding doors are available in many materials and designed for energy efficiency, low maintenance, and increased comfort.  


Architecturally designed for beauty, high performance, and function, folding doors are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look to merge indoor and outdoor spaces.  Folding doors offer a variety of operating styles including bi-fold and tri-fold with thresholds that can be hidden flush with the floor, or visible.  Heights reaching up to 12 feet, slim profiles, and zero post corners allow for more glass and light. Folding doors can be paired with windows and hinged doors for versatility. A wide selection of materials, finishes and colors, and integrated screening systems make folding doors an excellent choice for today’s lifestyle.  


Moveable glass wall systems dramatically extend living spaces to the great outdoors by maximizing visibility and minimizing frame components.  These systems offer a variety of operating styles that slide, swing out, fold to one side, or split to fold to either side.  These large expansions of glass add architectural interest to any design. It has been said that glass walls are not to open up the interior of a home, but to live in close contact with nature.  Engineered for energy efficiency, soundproofing, and convenience, some systems offer electric motorized drives.  Hidden or exposed track solutions, a vast collection of materials and finishes, make achieving your desired design within reach. 

Blur the lines between your indoor and outdoor spaces.  Open up your home for a lifestyle that embraces nature and outdoor activities.  Renaissance Windows and Doors offers a huge selection of French doors, sliding doors, folding doors, and moveable glass wall systems from top manufacturers.  New designs offer slim profiles, large expanses of glass and large frames. Advanced engineering offer high performance, durability, and maintenance-free exterior doors. Whether your project is new construction, a remodel, or replacement windows and doors, Renaissance has a team of experts to guide you in selecting the perfect fit for your project. Selection. Expertise. Service at Every Step.  That’s the Renaissance difference.  Call 713-863-9988 today to discuss your project!

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