Impact windows and doors—What are they, why are they important and should you consider purchasing them for your home? These are the questions our clients ask when they are shopping for new storm protection.

The reasons the right storm products are so effective, and why they are worth the investment, are varied: in addition to superior protection from extreme weather conditions, impact windows and doors offer protection against other intrusions—burglars, and noise pollution for example.

We are in the early part of hurricane season, so let’s start with the difference impact windows and doors can make when it comes to protecting your home against extreme weather. At Renaissance we offer two brands of impact products: Hurd and Showcase that we have proven experience with and know they can be trusted.

Hurd FeelSafe Products

Engineered and built to withstand hurricanes and other severe storms, Hurd FeelSafe windows and patio doors have high-strength, shatter-resistant laminated glass that will stand up to high winds, driving rain, windblown debris, and the rapid pressure changes that can cause massive structural damage to your house.

FeelSafe Windows meet—or exceed—the toughest structural codes found in coastal regions, and are designed and constructed to achieve superior levels of impact resistance, water repellent, safety, and security.

Showcase Custom Vinyl

Showcase® Custom Vinyl is an extremely cost-effective choice for homeowners when it comes to impact windows; further, Showcase® products are manufactured right here in Houston, so you are truly supporting the local economy when you choose them. When you purchase windows from Showcase® you are purchasing windows from people who truly understand the elements against which we are up against, and they are creating a product to perform accordingly.

Using sturdy vinyl extrusion for impact and non-impact frames allows Showcase® to maintain beauty and performance; double-strength, laminated glass with a KeepSafe Maximum® PVB inner layer is permanently bonded under high pressure between two panes. Impact vinyl frames are thicker, stronger, and heavier than other vinyl products, and Showcase® products are tested all along the Gulf Coast, against tough hurricane conditions.

If hurricane season has you rethinking that window and door replacement, stop in to Renaissance of Houston to learn more about the difference impact products can make for you.