76When you are shopping for an exterior door for your home, you will be looking for one that complements its and architecture. You know that if you have a very traditional, Cape Cod style home that installing a very modern front door would probably not complement its look. While you may really like the feel of a rustic cabin when you look at decorating magazines or online, it doesn’t mean that a wooden door that has this type of look will look right in your suburban residence. With the number of quality styles available, you will be able to find one that will suit your entrance way. If you really want to make your new door pop, you’ll need to take the same level of care in choosing door accessories to complement it.

Find the Right Exterior Door Accessories

What accessories should you be considering to show off your new exterior door? Along with the basics like decorative hints and the door knob, you can get a custom look by adding or updating your house numbers, letter box plate and bell button.

House Numbers

When you update your exterior door, it’s the perfect time to change out your house numbers. You’ll want to make sure they are large enough to be easily seen from the street and solidly constructed so that they will stand up well to the weather.

Letter Box Plate

A letter box plate is a convenient and secure way to receive your mail. Look for one that is designed to prevent the wind from forcing the rain and snow through the slot during inclement weather. A hinging back plate will provide you and your family with additional privacy after installation. Some models are made for vertical as well as horizontal installation and you may be interested in this option, depending on the style of exterior door you have selected.

Bell Button

The bell button you choose to go with your new door can be a basic rectangular one, or a round, or oval-shaped one. You also have the option of selecting a more elaborate design to complement a beaded or more elaborate Victorian design to complement your door.

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