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Is Laminated Glass Burglar-Proof?

The strength of laminated glass is an effective deterrent against break-ins. The laminated glass is the same used to protect against flying debris in hurricanes so you know how strong that is!

Would-be burglers can wear themselves out by throwing an object through the glass to try & get inside your home or be exhausted after trying to kick-in a laminated glass window from Renaissance Windows & Doors.

What Does "Laminated Glass" Mean?

“Laminated glass” means one or a few layers of  laminate film is bonded to the glass in the window. This bonded laminate layer adds strength to deter kick-ins and helps prevent objects from penatrating the glass. 

How Does Laminated Glass Work?

Laminated glass windows have a protective layer, or several layers, of laminate bonded to the glass. This keeps the glass from shattering when objects slam into the glass.

The laminate holds the broken glass together after impact. This is why car makers use laminated glass on windshields. And this is why window manufacturers use laminate for security or “burglar-proof” windows. 

Laminated glass makes it very difficult for burglars to break-in through your laminated glass windows and doors. 

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