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Gulf Coast storms are getting more severe with

more property damage from high winds and fast-water flooding.

Before the next storm hits, learn the facts about hurricane proof,

impact-resistant, TDI-Rated windows and doors from Renaissance.

Be sure to ask about our Renaissance-Exclusive TDI/TWIA Certification Program!

Renaissance takes precise steps to make sure our installations and windows

pass the certification inspection!

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Before The Storm Season and Beyond.

Hurricanes & Severe Storms Seem Inevitable

Hurricanes, high wind events, and major thunderstorms have become more frequent in some years and consistently more damaging.

Houston area homeowners started reconsidering installing hurricane-proof and impact-resistant windows after Hurricane Harvey’s devastating flooding in 2017. With lingering memories of powerful winds from Hurricanes Ike and Katrina, some property owners are realizing the increasing risks of family members being injured by flying debris.

Accurate TDI-TWIA Info Saves You Time & Money

In February 2020, during an in-home consultation, the homeowners told us that other replacement window companies told them the home was in the highest storm level.

We had already researched their location and rating. We assured them that their home was in the lower, less costly Level 2. Renaissance looks out for you! We research the facts to keep you safe and save you money.

Exclusive Renaissance 22-Step TDI-TWIA Certification

We’ve heard horror stories from homeowners who bought replacement impact windows that failed certification inspection. They ended up with expensive delays and extra costs. 

At Renaissance, we developed an exclusive 22-step process to assure that our hurricane and impact windows and our certified installation pass inspection the first time. This gets you the TDI Certificate in a timely manner with no expensive delays and surprises!

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Window Testing: Category 5 Conditions

Renaissance offers you the top quality brands of “hurricane proof” impact resistant windows that we install in our own homes. These windows are tested to withstand Category 5 wind conditions.

These demonstrations show the power of flying debris that slams into home windows. The tests show the window’s ability to deter debris such as 2 x 4 wood framing studs from shattering the window and coming into your home at an incredibly high rate of speed.

What Kind of Testing Certifies an Impact-Resistant Window?

Imagine this…A 9-pound 2×4 wood house framing stud is launched at 50 feet per second (fps), or almost 35 miles per hour, at the center of the window. If the window doesn’t shatter, another board is then shot at one of the corners of the window. Both the center and the corner of the window must be able to hold together to pass this test.

After passing the launch missile impact test, the windows we offer at Renaissance are then subjected to pressures that simulate winds of up to 200 miles per hour.

If the window remains intact within the frame, it can be certified as an impact resistant window. Be sure you’re getting Secure, Safe, Certified Storm-Ready Windows!

What Are Impact-Resistant Windows Made Of?

Impact resistant windows are made pretty much the same way others windows are made with one big exception: laminated glass and frame strength.

Auto manufacturers have used laminated glass applications for a long time. This technology was adopted by the window industry. Laminated glass holds together upon impact. If you’ve seen windshields after a major front-end collision, you’ll remember that the windshield looked similar to a spider-web holding the glass together.

The strength of laminated glass varies by the thickness of the laminate, chosen for different applications and ratings.

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