Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows


Aluminum-clad wood windows give you a high-value,

low-maintenance alternative to wood windows. Renaissance

gives you diverse choices in aluminum-clad window and

door brands, styles, shapes, sizes, finishes, glass, and more.

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The Best Aluminum-Clad Wood Windows

The Beauty of Wood Without The Maintenance

Even wood window purists are seeing the advantages of aluminum-clad windows. Aluminum-clad windows give your custom new construction homes the exterior beauty of wood without the high maintenance of sanding, painting, or staining every few years.

Functions, Finishes, Fabulous Options

When you’re considering which type of windows are best for your next residential project, there’s a lot of choices to consider. We help you compare the window brands’ types, functions, hardware, finish options, and standard vs premium colors available.

Aluminum-Clad and Wood Window Experts for You

Ask us about the differences in aluminum-clad products. We know the products and how they are constructed, what type of aluminum is used, installation requirements, and how the windows perform in Texas weather. We offer you only the best.

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