When it comes to home improvement projects, one of the most popular choices is installing replacement windows. With energy costs continuing to rise, consumers are now interested in replacing windows that are relatively new and are still performing well.

According to the National Association of Home Builders Research Center, 43 percent of homes in the United States still have single-pane windows. All of them could benefit from upgrading to at least double-paned glass models, which would reduce energy costs and provide a more comfortable interior environment by reducing drafts.

Increased Window Efficiency a Great Investment

Replacing older windows with energy-efficient ENERGY STAR approved products, such as the ones offered by Infinity with LoĒ glazing, can reduce the cost of heating and cooling in a home by up to 30 percent.

Ease of Operation Also Draws Homeowners to New Windows

No one wants to spend any more time than they have to cleaning windows, and today’s new models are not only beautiful but easy to maintain. Whereas cleaning used to involve taking the time to remove screens before the glass could be cleaned, Infinity’s Double Hung windows make this job much easier.

To clean the glass, all a homeowner needs to do is unlock and raise the sash slightly. Next, press the tilt release button and slide the lock lever over the button before tilting the sash into the room to clean the glass. There is no need to remove the screens to keep the glass looking clean and clear.

When cleaning windows is not such a chore, homeowners can get the job done quickly and easily and move on to the next task. Would you like to find out more about Infinity’s fine line of replacement windows for your home? Simply give us a call or visit our showroom.