Why Custom Windows

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Why Custom Windows

Replacement windows should fit the style, aesthetics, and character of your home.  Conversely, replacement windows should also fit the window openings.  

Many window companies and big box stores offer limited styles, colors, and carry only five or six sizes of windows.  Regardless of your home’s unique character, these window companies use inferior installation tactics to “make it fit”.  These replacement windows may stick out like a sore thumb, and not blend with your home’s aesthetics.  And, “making it fit” may lead to compromised seals that could lead to costly home repairs from leaks, rot, weather damage, unwanted pests, and drafts.  

Renaissance Windows and Doors offers a large Selection of custom windows made to fit your home beautifully.  We represent more than a dozen of the nation’s leading window and door manufacturers known for superior performance and flexibility.  Each manufacturer offers multiple product lines to give you a vast selection of styles, materials, interior and exterior finishes, trims, and colors, lite patterns, hardware, etc.  

Custom replacement windows may closely match existing windows in your home, or you may select windows that will update and modernize the look of your home.  Replacing windows and doors is one of the only projects that will update your home inside and outside.  It’s like two for the price of one! 

Select from a multitude of window frames in a variety of materials–fiberglass, aluminum, wood, vinyl, metal, or a combination of materials.  Smaller window frames will increase the size of the glazing which can be one piece, divided lites, or grilles-in-the-airspace.  

Select interior and exterior colors and wood stains. Many materials like fiberglass, aluminum, or metal will never need painting so your maintenance costs just plummeted.  No more need to paint the interior and/or exterior of your windows every five or six years.  

Custom replacement windows add beauty and value to your home, inside and out.  But, replacement windows do much more than simply look pretty.  

  • Replacement windows  block outside noises like traffic, lawn equipment, and barking dogs.   

  • Impact windows, also known as security windows, can help keep your home safe from break-ins, home intruders, and severe weather like hurricanes (no boarding windows necessary).  

  • Replacement windows are energy efficient to help reduce your utility bills.  

  • Replacement windows make cleaning and maintenance easier

Renaissance’s Expertise shines through.   Our window and door expert consultants will guide you every step of the way to select the perfect products to fit for your home.  Renaissance then sends our service team to your home for a Field Measure to check and double check the measurements of each opening.  

Our administration team sets up financing (if requested), reviews in detail every measurement and aspect of the project before placing the order with the manufacturer. We then track your custom window order throughout the manufacturing process, keeping you informed of the  progress.  Once your custom windows arrive from the manufacturer, we schedule the installation.  

At Renaissance Windows and Doors, we don’t use contract installers like many in the industry.  We know our installers.  They have been employees of Renaissance Windows and Doors for many years.  We know who will be inside your home and our staff is certified and bonded.  Our expert installers follow our 24-Step Exclusive Installation Process to ensure your windows and doors are perfectly fit to protect your home for years to come.  Your project is too important for us to use subcontractors for your installation, which is a common industry practice.  Once the installation is complete, our service team follows up with you to ensure you are delighted with your new custom windows and doors

At Renaissance, every window and door project is truly custom to fit your needs and desires for your unique home .  At Renaissance Windows and Doors you’ll experience custom Selection, custom Expertise, and custom Service at Every Step. 

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    Renaissance Windows and Doors represents more than 12 manufacturers offering multiple product lines to find the perfect custom fit for your window and door replacment project.  

    I can not say enough good things about this company. We have a huge architectural (58 sq feet) feature window that needed to be replaced.  We got quotes from multiple window companies, but Renaissance was the only one we felt comfortable taking on the project… If you want high quality work and responsive service they are the way to go.

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