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Window Styles and  Terminology

There are many different window styles, many of which are defined by how the window opens or doesn’t open.  

Two of the most common window styles are the Double Hung window and the Single Hung window. On a single hung window, the bottom sash opens.  Double hung styles have sashes that open from the bottom and the top.  Many double hung windows have sashes that can be tilted into the room for easy cleaning without removing the screen.  This is especially popular on upper level floors.  

Glider or Sliding windows slide from side to side.  These windows save space where a swinging sash would get in the way.  These windows can have either one, or both sashes slide, and can be either left- or right-gliding. 

Casement windows are hinged on one side and swing open.  Some styles of casement windows use a crank, handle or lever as an opening mechanism.  

Awning windows are hinged at the top and swing outward at the bottom, creating an awning effect which is optimal to exclude rain while still admitting airflow.  

Bay windows are typically three windows which project outward from an outside wall.  These windows capture light from three angles.  Many times, the center window is larger with smaller windows flanking on each side.  

Bow windows are typically four or five windows in a curve design, creating a rounded appearance on the exterior of the home.    

Specialty shaped windows can add visual interest to a home.  These windows can have rounded tops like the half round, or eyebrow shapes.  Right-  and left- quarter round windows, and full circles.  Other styles include polygon shapes like a pentoid, trapezoid, pentagon, right- or left- triangle, octagon, rectangle, isosceles triangle, hexagon, and clipped corners.  Multiple combinations and assembly options make these windows popular to achieve open views and abundant natural light.  


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