Energy Efficient Windows & Doors Tax Credit

Going green has it monetary advantages and you can benefit by upgrading your home with energy efficient windows and/or doors.  Summer season is upon us and with it brings the  stifling Houston weather, you know, when you cannot even think of staying indoors without the air conditioner set to as low temperature as possible!. Although, this poses a serious energy problem, because while the AC will make you feel comfortable; it will result in a size-able electricity bill at the end of the month.

What if there was a way in which you could reduce your electricity bill dramatically, and also get excellent tax breaks in the process? There is, indeed a way for you to accomplish just that. Simply install energy efficient windows in your home, and you will notice the difference from the very first month.

Since most of us have glass windows at home, we know that it tends to get hot pretty quickly when exposed to direct sunlight, and also retains the heat for a considerable period of time. Thus the inside temperature of your home rises quickly, and forces you to set your AC to a low temperature. This way, your AC uses up more electricity, and thus raises your electricity bill. It’s all connected together as a complete chain of events, in which you can change the course of events by just taking out one link.

This is where energy efficient windows come in. These windows are typically made of two layers of fiberglass, with a slight air gap in between. This air acts as a bad conductor of heat, and prevents heat of the sun from entering your home. Thus the indoors stay much cooler and you can set the AC at a much higher temperature. This helps reduce the consumption of electricity, and reduces your bills drastically. That’s not the end of the benefits either…

If you install energy efficient windows and doors in your home, then you may be eligible to receive $1500 tax credit. This is a new measure the US government has undertaken to encourage usage of energy efficient products in American homes.

So, don’t wait any longer. Summer is already here, and you have to act quickly to make your home energy efficient. Have energy efficient windows from Infinity, Hurd, Hy-Lite and Showcase installed in your home today, and enjoy your tax credit and a comfortable home environment.