Are you thinking of buying new windows soon? Before we can give you an accurate quote for your replacement windows, you will need to provide some information. Along with choosing a style that fits the architectural design of your home, we also need the measurements of your windows.

Materials Needed to Measure your Existing Windows

To measure your existing windows, you will need a tape measure, level, and framing square. You will also need to have a paper and pencil to record the figures so that you can take them to the dealer to order your new replacement windows.

These instructions are to be used to obtain a quotation only. Be sure to have your measurements validated by an installation professional to confirm accuracy before placing your order.

How to Measure for Replacement Windows: RetrofitFitting Window

With this type of replacement, the sashes and stops are removed from the old window, and the existing frame stays in place. The old frame may be capped with vinyl or aluminum to complete the exterior look.

The advantage to choosing this option is that it is less intrusive, since it preserves the interior trim, and window coverings, etc. A retrofit replacement also reduces the amount of visible glass in the opening. Keep in mind that this option is less energy efficient, since you haven’t updated anything to ensure that there is more insulation between the existing window frame and the wall framing.

To measure for a retrofit, your first step is to ensure that the existing opening is level and square. Remove the screen; open the window. Measure the window horizontally from jamb face to jamb face. Measure at the top, middle, and bottom of the old window and deduct 1/4″ from the smallest of the three measurements and use this number as your new window frame width.

The height is measured from the bottom lip of the head to the highest point on the sloped sill. Measure at the left, middle and right of the window. Deduct 1/4″ from the smallest measurement and record it as your new window frame height.

Once you have your measurements, come visit our showroom to see our selection of windows. Our installers are fully-trained to follow our strict standards, so you know that job will be done right.