It truly is amazing the difference the right glass can make when choosing replacement windows. The glass has everything to do with light and heat control, as well as visibility. When you choose the right glass you are improving the energy efficiency of your home, protecting your home from the elements (heat, moisture, wind), protecting your furnishings from sun damage, regulating sound and light that enters your home, and providing a measure of privacy and safety for your home and your family.Glass can do all that? It sure can.

Hurd ComfortGlaze Options

We love to recommend our line of low maintenance windows Hurd replacement windows and doors to our customers, because they truly deliver when it comes to high-performance and aesthetic beauty. They have built its reputation on continual innovation of glass technology, and in the process they have developed one of the largest glazing offerings in the business today. The option that is right for your home exists,  so whether you are looking for draft control, hurricane protection, better energy efficiency, or low-maintenance options. Two of the most popular options our customers are the Low-E 366 Neat with Preserve and the ClimaGuard SPF. low maintanacne windows houston

Low-E 366 Neat with Preserve

Low-E 366 is an insulated glass with an unprecedented triple layer of silver, which delivers an ideal balance of energy savings, solar control, 95% UV protection and high visibility. These windows are best used anywhere in your house where sunlight damages household furnishings and climate extremes require heating and cooling. The Low-E 366 Neat with Preserve delivers all the benefits of its predecessor but with a 2-way self-cleaning function. First, an advanced coating harnesses UV rays to loosen dirt so water can simply rinse it away; second, windows come with a protective film that peels off after the installation is complete, so any paint splatter, dirt, or labels peel away with the protective film.

ClimaGuard SPF

Hurd’s ClimaGuard SPF smart fade protection is available with Hurd ComfortGlaze Low-E glass, as well as their lines of Climate Control and Super Sun Blocker glass. ClimaGuard SPF blocks 99.9% of UV rays, offering superior protection from fading of your home’s furnishings, flooring, drapery, and pictures; heating and cooling costs are minimized while natural daylight is maximized. It’s SPF is ideal for areas of your home where furnishings need maximum protection from sunlight while keeping the heat where you want it—regardless of the season. Energy Star rated and Skin Cancer Foundation recommended!

What a difference a little glass can make! Stop in to see us today at Renaissance Windows and Doors to learn more about the incredible benefits you can enjoy with Hurd replacement windows.