At Renaissance Windows & Doors we like to say that we deliver world class products, complete installation process and Old World craftsmanship. How do we do this? We start by offering you products from the top names in the business like Infinity and Hurd and we employ the best professionals who take pride in their work because they believe in quality for its own sake.

Our process is reinforced from start to finish by adding our own warranty to the product manufacturers’ warranties. Our team works for us—they aren’t contract workers—which means they are trained, certified, and insured. When our installers are working on your home they are following a specific, time-tested process. This checklist creates an “action framework” for the work they are doing on your home. This step-by-step process is followed by every installer, on every job, and guarantees consistency and quality for the homeowner; no task is started until the task before it has been checked off as “complete.”

Our Window Installation Process Checklist

  1. Introduce yourself to the Customer.
  2. Give Customer Certificate of Completion. (This is a quality assurance checklist that we give clients to fill out at the end of every job. You have the opportunity to provide feedback on the renovations to your home.)
  3. Ask for permission to park in the driveway and put yard sign out.
  4. Go over the entire scope of work with you.
  5. Check all openings and units for correct sizes.
  6. Put down tarps in work area and in walk paths – Cover vents if lead paint is present.
  7. Put up ZIP WALL system – Tape plastic to the floor if lead paint is present.
  8. Remove outside trim on siding (unless double stacking trim) –  Do not cut lead paint with saw; use knife and score.
  9. Remove glass with glass cutter.
  10. Remove frame and grid bars, if any.
  11. Cut back drywall and stool board, if applicable, so unit comes just past the outside of the existing caulk line – Do not cut back if lead is present.
  12. Put unit in opening.
  13. Shim and check bottom and side for level.
  14. Screw unit in place or nail into place  a.Use nailing fin on siding application  b.Screw through the frame for brick.
  15. Check for level and square.
  16. Re-shim if necessary and check for square.
  17. Apply outside trim.
  18. Apply inside trim.
  19. Caulk inside and out – Unless unit has to be stained.
  20. Clean up: a. Vacuum must have HEPA filter for lead paint. b. Use Swiffer wet mop for final clean-up.
  21. Go through entire house with home owner to explain products: a. Check operation of windows  b. Collect Completion Statement c. Collect Payment

Our installers are organized and methodical and deliver the best possible result to our clients. The process begins and ends with you, our customers, and our #1 goal is your satisfaction. Check step one off of your to-do list: stop in to our showroom and talk to a professional about your window or door replacement project today!