When we talk about energy efficiency and your home, we are often discussing energy efficient products, like our lines of replacement windows and doors from Hurd, JELD WEN, and Infinity by Marvin. This is an important conversation, as choosing the right products have an enormous impact on making your home as energy efficient as possible. Another important aspect that deserves consideration is the installation process. The only truly energy efficient window or door is one that is installed correctly by an installation professional.

How much energy does your home lose through windows? Some estimates are as high as thirty percent. An energy efficient window that is properly installed can help you prevent losing heat or air-conditioning through your windows; they save you money over time, and while their initial cost may be higher than a less efficient window, you can recoup the cost in energy savings over the next two to ten years. So where does the installation aspect come into play?

Are Your Windows and Doors Installed Correctly

It’s simple: an improperly installed window will not be as energy efficient as a properly installed unit. Not only that, but some companies require a very specific installation process in order for the warranty to be valid. Can you imagine spending the money on a top-quality, energy efficient window that isn’t covered by a warranty because the installation was performed improperly? It’s a recipe for losing money on your utility bill each month. Even worse, should the need to replace the product arise, an improperly installed window will render your warranty invalid, costing you even more money.

The bottom line is that when you invest in top-of-the-line products you need top-of-the-line installation to get the most out of them. Our team of professional installers have the experience required to ensure that your window and door replacements are properly installed; you will enjoy the monthly savings of a lower utility bill, and the peace of mind that comes from knowing your warranty is valid should any problems arise in the future. Our installers use a step-by-step checklist developed to ensure quality and consistency of installation, and high-quality materials that are selected for superior, long-term performance.

Are you interested in learning more about the difference installation can make when your goal is a more energy efficient home? Stop in to our Renaissance Windows & Doors showroom to speak with our staff, and we will show you the difference quality and not bargain shopping will make now and in the future.