Last week we introduced you to the two brands of Impact Windows and Doors that we carry at Renaissance: Hurd FeelSafe and Showcase Custom Vinyl. Impact products are an excellent option for Gulf Coast residents, who know only too well the kind of damage that hurricanes—and other high-wind, heavy-rain, high-impact debris carrying storms—can cause to a home.

Impact windows and doors are built to withstand these storm elements; high-strength, shatter resistant glass, and extra-heavy, extra-strong framing are designed and manufactured to withstand heavy storms. This highly reinforced design results in additional benefits for your home. Let’s take a look at Hurd FeelSafe and Showcase® Custom Vinyl to see what benefits—beyond storm protection—you can gain by choosing impact windows and doors.

Hurd FeelSafe

The strength and durability of Hurd FeelSafe products protect your home against unwanted external forces; hurricanes, of course, but also intruders like burglars and sound pollution. Some additional advantages you gain by choosing their products:

•Block 99% of UV rays

•Reducing outside noise by up to 50 percent

•Energy Star rating means superior energy efficiency, and long-term savings on utility bills

•Beautiful design and craftsmanship—you don’t have to sacrifice style for substance

•Lower rates on your homeowners’ insurance (33 percent, or more)

•A lifetime protection warranty

Showcase Custom Vinyl

impact windows and door houston


These custom windows and doors offer Houstonians an affordable, local choice for impact window and door products. Designed by people who live here and understand the needs of Gulf Coast residents. Their Custom Vinyl products are sturdy, yet beautiful, made with the finest materials and fitted and finished to perfection; backed by world class service and an excellent warranty, Showcase® Custom Vinyl products will help you enjoy peace of mind. Here are some benefits of their products.

•Up to 50 percent reduction in sound transmission of outside noise, compared to ordinary glass

•Shielding from UV rays

•The PVB inter layer in the glass holds glass together, and the pane inside the frame, even if blows from a burglar crack the glass

We could sing the praises of these two products all day—and we invite you stop into our showroom where we will be happy to do just that. Visit us at Renaissance of Houston to learn how to help your home weather the storm with impact windows and doors.