Should You Tape Your Windows During a Hurricane

As the anniversary of Hurricane Ike fast approaches, we started thinking about all the things we need to have on hand during a storm. Our list includes the usual suspects: water, extra batteries, canned food. However, one thing no one needs is tape for the windows as this will not protect you, your family or your belongings.

Some believe taping your windows will prevent glass fragments from flying around your home if the glass does break. While this reasoning is understandable, it is flawed. Unless your windows are covered completely with the tape, it will not prevent all broken fragments from entering your home. This will not strengthen the glass in any way, nor will it prevent debris from entering your home. To be fair, it is an effective way to ensure that you spend hours cleaning your windows after the storm.

Plywood is a better option and can provide a barrier from wind and flying debris. However, plywood needs to be measured accurately to fit your windows and affixed to the outside of your home with screws at 18” intervals. This is not a task you would want to preform unless you are sure the storm is going to hit. By then, it is probably too late for you to install on all your windows properly. Another consideration, they leave your home completely dark in a time when electricity is likely to fail.

The best option during a hurricane protects your home 365 days a year – hurricane resistant replacement windows and doors. Impact resistant product look typical but they feature stronger, heavier frames and multi-layered, high strength, shatter resistant, laminated glass. They are built to resist debris and rain driven by hurricane force winds. In addition, they protect your home from intruder break-ins or the accidental baseball. Hurd’s Feel Safe line is one of the best on the market, rivaled only by Infinity by Marvin. Of course, the best feature of any line of impact resistant products is they let you tick one item off your hurricane preparedness to-do list!