At Renaissance Windows and Doors we understand the importance of delivering the most innovative, top-quality products available on the market to our clients. Those of us living in the Gulf Coast region understand the difference high-quality Hurricane Windows & Doors can make, especially during storm season.

Our line of Hurd wood windows are specially designed and manufactured for coastal regions. Featuring high-strength, shatter-resistant, laminated  glass, they are built to withstand the rigors of high wind conditions. FeelSafe glass meets or exceeds the toughest structural codes, protecting your home from wind-borne debris. The superior strength of this extremely durable glass also offers greater protection against intruders; their natural wood interior and aluminum clad exterior offer homeowners the best of both worlds—beauty and performance.

Hurricane Preparedness

Choosing Hurd windows as your next replacement window is a choice for the safety and security of your home. In the past we have discussed how methods such as taping your windows for added protection is impractical and unreliable. Choosing permanent, year-round protection for your home in the form of windows engineered to perform in extreme weather conditions is the best way to secure your home against weather-related damage.

The Importance of Glazes and Glass

Making decisions about glass and glazes is an integral part of your journey when finding the right replacement window for your home. When choosing glass you need to consider things like climate, energy efficiency, street noise, and the amount of light that reaches the area where each window will be placed. By considering these factors you can create a more comfortable living environment as well as optimize energy efficiency.

Glazes are treatments for glass; designed to solve issues of energy efficiency, sun/UV protection, noise control, visibility and security, maintenance, and of course hurricane protection. The proper combination of glass and glaze can make your home a safer and more comfortable place to live.

Hurd Hurricane Windows & Doors

FeelSafe windows and doors come in a variety of styles and options to suit any home. Integrate your replacement doors and windows with your current décor seamlessly with these options:

Coastal Windows

Casement: Top-to-bottom unobstructed views, wide-open ventilation.

Awning: A great choice for allowing fresh air in while keeping rain out; often used alone or under a large picture window.

Monument Double or Single Hung: Ideal for historic renovations, blending historic styling with advanced engineering. Strong enough for use in light commercial projects.

Geometric Shapes: Unique shapes add individuality.

Coastal Doors

Sliding: All-natural, all-wood interior is visually free of man-made components; a great space-saving option.

Swinging: Totally customizable—swing in or out, have one or both doors operable, and multiple choices of interior wood, hardware, and glazing.

Transcend Retrofit: Old patio doors are often shorter and narrower than modern patio doors. Their smaller, retrofit replacements are designed to help you replace older aluminum or wood patio doors without having to completely change the existing opening.