The harsh summer is just around the corner. It is time to make sure that your home stays comfortable throughout the season. One way of ensuring that is to regulate the temperature inside your home properly. True, you can simply flick the switch of your air conditioner, but that will add a considerable amount to your electricity bills. Maybe it’s time to opt for an alternative option. How about installing some energy efficient glass windows and doors?

These new products are essentially made of two layers of glass with a little gap between them and UV Glass Protection. This gap, filled with air, acts as a bad conductor for heat. Thus when the layer of glass facing outside gets heated through exposure to sunlight, the inner layer facing the insides of the house stays cool. Thus you can run the AC with a higher temperature setting, thereby saving a considerable amount on electricity bills.

That’s not all. Switching to energy star rated products may also entitle you for receiving a tax credit of as much as $1500. It’s like the best of both worlds; on one hand you get to live in a comfortable home in the hot, sultry summer weather, and on the other hand, get tax credits, while also making big savings on electricity bills.

However, choosing high quality UV Glass Protection is important to ensure that you get maximum value for the money you spend. Here are some of your best options:

Low–E II: The Low-E II from Infinity® reflects the heat gained from outside back to its source, and keeps your home cool in summer. It blocks up to 84% of the UV rays of the sun, while keeping the visibility and flow of light into your home intact. The Low-E 366 takes this even further, blocking as much as 95%of the UV rays! To add to the benefits, almost all low-E glasses manufactured by Infinity are available in the tempered variety, which provides added durability. Installing Infinity Low-E windows may entitle you for a tax credit.

ComfortGlaze®: The ComfortGlaze® windows from Hurd are low on emission rate, and high on comfort. These come in various options, depending on your budget, and can range between simple insulated glass for preventing some of the heat from entering your home and Low-E 366 glass with as much as 95% UV ray filtering. There is also a self-cleaning option available, to make keeping your windows clean a hassle free task.

EnviroShield®: The EnviroShield® system developed by Showcase® is well known for its low heat emission rate and high performance. A proprietary bi-layer silver coating makes the glass spectrally selective, blocking out a significant portion of the infrared and ultraviolet rays of the sun. This keeps your home cool in summer, and also prevents damage to upholstery and carpets caused by continued exposure to UV rays. The obscured variety of glass provides the above benefits, while also providing enough privacy where it is needed.

Hy-Lite® Block Windows: These windows from Hy-Lite® are made of 7 ½ “blocks, which are 2” thick. This makes the windows pretty lightweight and easy to install. These can block the sun’s heat to quite a good extent, and also provide ample protection from the infrared and UV rays. As an added bonus, the windows, made in beautiful clear glacier patterns, are also backed by the 10 year warranty from the manufacturer.

These are your best options when it comes to installing energy efficient glass windows in your home. Get one of these today, and spend the summer in the soothing comfort of your home.