Choosing Green Replacement Windows and Doors

“Going green” is all the rage. We hear lots of buzzwords these days about reducing carbon footprints, being eco-friendly, and sustainability. But what does it all really mean and how can you implement energy conservation practices and products in your home? At Renaissance Windows and Doors we know that your questions regarding efficiency are twofold: how your decisions impact the world around you, and how your decisions reduce the amount of energy you conserve and thus the amount of money you spend on it. Let’s talk about what some of these buzzwords mean.

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 The Language of Energy Conservation

Language is in a constant state of change and evolution, and such is the case when we talk about energy conservation. Here are some of the more common ones floating around the conversation about energy efficiency right now:

  • Carbon footprint: Described in CO2 equivalent grams, a carbon footprint is a measured amount of greenhouse gases, primarily carbon dioxide, which are released into the atmosphere by manufacture, transport, products, materials, etc.
  • Conservation: To prevent natural living resources from being used up through protection, preservation, and limited use.
  • Eco/Ecology: The relationship between organisms and their environment. Used colloquially as a term for products and/or materials that are environmentally friendly.
  • Energy conservation: The reduction and limited use of non-renewable energy such as electricity.
  • Sustainability: Leading a quality of life, and using resources, which have as little negative effect on the environment as possible, and reducing the impact on future generations.

Energy Conservation and Your Home

Conserving energy is a win-win situation for you, and for the environment: you reduce your impact and you save money on energy. How can you save energy in your home? There are many ways—some requiring no money, some require a small investment, and others requiring a larger up-front investment but can save you money in the long run.

When it’s time to choose new windows and doors in your home, it’s important to consider the materials from which the products are constructed as well as the performance they will offer you once they are installed. For example, our Infinity by Marvin line of windows feature a pultruded fiberglass called Ultrex which is made with strong cables of glass (a recyclable material) and they are durable, non-corrosive, and feature low thermal conductivity, making them a more sustainable choice than vinyl, and also keep your home energy costs down. Windows from Infinity by Marvin are built from sustainable materials and are energy efficient; further, the company has an active recycling and waste reduction program and they are LEED Green Certified. Visit their website for more information on Infinity by Marvin green practices.

Our line of Hurd Windows also offers increased energy conservation for your home with a variety of glass and glaze options to help you customize each room of your home, and protect against sun damage, street noise, and even hurricanes. This translates into a more peaceful home environment, interior protection, and greater energy savings.