From start to finish, the process of the Renaissance Window & Door installation process is a top priority as it is a lasting impression of your investment and our commitment. We start by answering your questions when you stop in to our showroom, and every step of the way after that. We understand that your home is extremely important for many reasons, its your safe haven and the center of your family life. In addition to bringing you top-quality products like Infinity by Marvin and Hurd, we also promise you the advantage of having those products installed by our professional team rather than contract workers hired “by the job.” This works to your advantage in several ways: our installers are employees which means they are insured, certified for lead paint removal and they follow step-by-step guidelines for product installation which ensures quality work and protects you via our warranty.

Our Window & Door Installation Process

Last week we blogged about our step-by-step installation process, which all of our masters installers follow on every job. This checklist was created and perfected to protect our clients and their homes, ensuring that every step of every job is correctly completed before the next one starts; from where to park, to installation, to debris removal, the checklist is designed to make the renovation process streamlined and stress-free.

Certificate of Completion

Our philosophy is to provide the best products available and professionally installed to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We also want your feedback, so that we can continually review and refine our practices for the best customer experience. This is why we provide all of our clients with a “Certificate of Completion” when a job is finished, which we ask you to take a moment to review so that we can actively enforce quality assurance. The checklist is short and only takes a few minutes to fill out, but the feedback is invaluable to our installers and our organization. In addition to asking you generally whether you would recommend our services in the future to family and friends, we want to know:

•Did our installers arrived on time

•Were our employees professional and courteous

•If our installers demonstrated the use of your new products

•Are the windows and screens functioning properly and easy to operate

•Is the caulking applied neatly and to your satisfaction

•Were zip walls and drop cloths used

•Was the job site cleaned, vacuumed and the were the old products removed

•Was your alarm system was tested

•Ws the work area cleaned properly

•If you received the owner’s copy of the manual and warranty information

•Did your overall application and installation meets with your expectations

Did you know that we have a referral reward program? If you are satisfied with our work, and if your referral purchases six or more windows within 90 days, we will send you a $100 gift card. The best compliment we can receive is your recommendation and our referral reward is just our way of saying “thank you for your business” one more time.