At Renaissance we take great pride in giving our customers the best products to choose from when it comes to window and door replacement. This week we are dedicating our blog to a spotlight on Showcase Custom Vinyl Windows—the first name in lasting impressions.

Founded in 1994 right here in Houston, Showcase is at the forefront of the quality vinyl window business and was one of the first manufacturers to offer vinyl windows and doors, as well as Low-E glass, in Texas. With a focus on manufacturing excellence, unparalleled customer service, and enduring quality they serve their customer base with experience, flexibility, and courtesy.

Why choose Vinyl Windows?

The vinyl doors and windows manufactured by Showcase Custom products are high-quality, durable, strong, and low-maintenance. So what makes vinyl such a great choice?

  • Great insulation: Vinyl (PVC—PolyVinyl Chloride Resin) is a strong, plastic compound with the properties of a natural insulator. There is little to no energy loss through the frame or sash of a vinyl window. Compared to other good insulators, like wood, vinyl resists warping, cracking, and molding which results from exposure to the elements.
  • Low maintenance: Wood frames absorb moisture over time, which is a known cause of warping, cracking, mold, and other damaging effects of the elements. Vinyl does not require the kind of care and upkeep that other materials, like wood, need to maintain their appearance and performance. Vinyl windows are virtually maintenance-free, and require only a simple wash from time to time to remove dirt and debris.
  • Environmental benefits: Energy efficiency is an important feature of vinyl windows. Lower energy use provides you with financial benefits in terms of lower utility bills, and also gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are lessening your impact on natural resource consumption.

Choosing the right Windows and Doors doesn’t just help you save money and reduce your impact on the earth—it also means you are shopping local, and doing business with your trusted neighbors. Showcase offers custom sizes and shapes, superior features and options, and an excellent warranty. We Doors proudly carry and stand behind all of our home improvement products. Visit our showroom today to learn more about these high-performance, low-maintenance options for your home.