Why You Should Trust Renaissance Windows & Doors For Your Next Window Installation or Door Project!

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If you are looking for a trustworthy window and door contractor in Houston, then look no further than Renaissance Windows & Doors! We offer a wide range of products that will fit any project need.

We are proud of our customer service as well! We will always be there for you before, during, and after your window installation is complete to make sure everything goes smoothly.


The best window installation starts with our Renaissance directly-employedย professional installers.

Protect your Investment with the Best Window and Door Installation in Houston.



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Renaissance Exclusive Install24 Installation Process

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What Happens During Your Renaissance

Window Replacement Installation?

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Meet Your Window Installers

One of the first steps we follow in your window installation project is meeting your installers.

Your Installation Team Leader introduces himself and his assistant. You have 2 highly experienced, professional Renaissance employed installers devoted to your project from start to finish.


Custom Window Installation Plan

You chose custom windows from Renaissance. They’re made especially to meet your preferences and to fit your home.

Your Installation Plan is custom,too! Before your Installation Team starts to work, they review the Custom Installation Plan, Work Orders, and Special Instructions.


Double-Check Each Window & Opening Size

Renaissance Install24 requires installers to measure each opening and the new window unit before removing the existing window.

This verifies that the new unit will properly fit in that opening. Contract installers want to work fast so they just pull each window out and put the new one in — lots of shims and caulk if needed — and don’t worry about a proper fit.


Renaissance Custom Window Replacement Installation 2nd Day Bunker Hill

Install24 Steps to Protect Your Furnishings

Protecting your home and furnishings is important. Renaissance window installers try to minimize dust and work debris in your home.ย 

They place tarps around their work area and paths. Depending on the ceiling height, they install a Zip Wall System that reduces dust in the room.ย 

These extra steps are just another advantage of direct employee-installers who take time to do everything right for you.


Remove & Replace One Window at a Time

Many contract window installers bash the glass & pull out all your windows before they install.

What if the new window has a defect? What happens if it starts raining?

Renaissance Install24 requires our installers to carefully cut the glass then remove each window. They install one window at a time to focus on the details.


Properly Prepare the Opening for Replacement Window

Renaissance takes time to make sure the window opening is properly prepared before installing your new home replacement window.

They may find some rotted wood — and replace it! Installing a replacement window on rotted wood invites issues to arise later.ย 

Renaissance Installers Carefully Removing Large Window

How Should Replacement Windows Be Installed?


Install Replacement Windows One at a Time

After the opening is prepped, the new window (or door) unti is placed inside the opening. The custom window is shimmed for an accurate fit.

Then, the bottom and sides of the window are checked to be level and square. And level & square is checked again — to make sure.

Experience and attention to details when installing are essential for long-lasting replacement windows.ย 



Sealant & Caulk Make a Difference for New Windows

You’ve invested quite a lot to replace windows and doors in your home. The last thing you expect or want is cheap sealant and caulk used on your new replacement windows, front entry door, or sparkling patio doors.

Renaissance Install24 Program requires non-expandable, insulating foam sealant to close gaps. We require a specific caulk brand & type to be used. No Gorilla accidents or $2 caulk used on your replacement window installation!


Trim Installed According to the Custom Installation Plan

Even the trim is custom! You choose the trim style when making final selections with your Renaissance consultant. This is noted in your Custom Installation Plan’s Work Order and Special Instructions.

Since we’re the Houston area’s window and door experts, our installers focus on proper and professional installation. We don’t paint or stain trim. We make sure your windows & doors are installed accurately to last a long, long time.ย 


Renaissance Installers Clean-Up Their Work Mess

Replacing old original windows and doors can create a little mess.

The dust, dirt, debris, packaging, and other mess created during installation leaves with the installation team.

They wipe off the new windows too! (It’s not a professional window cleaning of course.)

Renaissance employee-installers clean-up to try & leave your home and property just as they found it.


Communications & Updates During Installation

Your Installation Team Leader and Assistant stay in touch with you from the moment they arrive until project completion.

They’ll brief you several times during the installation so you can plan your work-at-home or family schedule.

They’ll ask questions if they need to reconfirm something with you. And you’ll know right away if they find a surprise when they remove the old windows or doors. Relax with Renaissance Installation.


Window Installation Review & Completion Approval

When your replacement installation is complete, your Renaissance Installation Leader reviews with you the work throughout your home.

They’ll show you how the new replacement windows and/or doors operate and answer any questions you have. The Product Warranty and Renaissance Installation Warranty Certificate are presented to you in a convenient envelope.ย 

Before your installation team leaves, you can make comments to submit on the Completion Certificate. The last step, if you approve installation, is to make the final payment, unless you financed your project.

Your “5-Star Happy” Satisfaction is our goal so let us know if you have any questions or concerns or want to share feedback about your installation.


Questions to Ask Before You

Choose a Houston Window Company.


Who Are Window Installers?

Most Houston window companies cannot name the peopleย who will be working in your home. Why?

Most window companies use subcontractors who don’t have their own employees either.ย So, most window companies do not know who will be coming into your home.

Always ask for the names of your installers before you choose a window company.


Who Guarantees the Window Installation?

This is a common frustration many homeowners share with us. They bought replacement windows just a few years ago. Now, they’ve got window problems and cannot get the company or contractor-installer to help.

At Renaissance, we’re so confident in our installation teams that we guarantee your window installation for 2 years. Ask for our Guarantee Certificate.


Do You Insure the Window Installers at My Home?

Over almost 25 years, thousands of Houston area homeowners have trusted Renaissance as their window company.

Our window installation experts work directly for us, stay updated on all products, and are insured by us while installing windows at your home. Rely on Renaissance for peace of mind.

Ask for a copy of the Liability & Workers Comp Insurance before you choose replacement windows.

What Do Customers Say About Renaissanceย on NextDoor.com?

“They are great to work with and we are very pleased so far.ย . . .we are having all the trim replacedย around the windows, which is labor intensive.”

Sheryl G. from Sweetwater on NextDoor

“Renaissance Windows and Doors…Derrick Wilson is the sales rep we’ve been working with, very professional. We also went to their showroom before we ordered.

They have their own installation/service teams.”

Susan B., Bering Drive South, 2018 on NextDoor

“We used Renaissance Windows & Doors to install our double-paned windows.

We were very pleased with them & have had not any problems in the 7-10 years we’ve had them.”

Debbie G., Southside Place, 2018 on NextDoor

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Recommendation on NextDoor:

“They are very high quality and take time to measure and install correctly.

They take several days to install instead of hours. We are very pleased.”

Jay T., Houston on NextDoor.com

Gorgeous New Windows Installed by Renaissance Houston