Your exterior windows are an important element to your home. With modern decorating currently focused on bringing the outdoors in and blending the two spaces as one, you’ll want to be sure that you are not only choosing something fashionable, but also a quality product that will keep your energy costs down and keep you and your family secure. Here are some helpful tips for selecting the right ones.

Find the Best Exterior Windows for Your Home

1. Consider your home’s architectural style and choose windows that complement it.

The exterior window design you select should reflect the design of your home. If you are living in a traditional Tudor-style residence, installing contemporary windows that run from floor to ceiling will take away from its charm. You can, however, find a style that will work well with your home’s exterior architecture and give you the features you want.

2.  Decide on the purpose you want your windows to serve.

All windows serve as a way to let light into your home. They can also be doorways, such as sliding doors to allow access to a backyard, patio or balcony, or purely ornamental and put in place purely aesthetic purposes. Once you know whether the view is essential or it’s more important to allow light into a space, you will find it easier to select a window style.

3. Look at how much ventilation you need in the room.

You also need to consider how much fresh air you need to let in and out of your rooms when choosing exterior windows. Many available styles can be opened or closed, and you can also choose large fixed windows that cannot be opened. Most homes have both styles installed.

4. Determine the orientation of the sun before you select your exterior windows.

If you are designing a new home, you’ll want to guard against having too much late-day sun in your family room when you are trying to relax. You would also want to avoid having windows facing the east, where you would be getting the rising sun every morning. Choosing the right orientation will also make sure that your house is not overly hot or cold during the seasons and help to regulate your energy bills.

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