When you choose to work with Renaissance Windows & Doors on your residential Window and Door replacement projects, you are choosing 20 years of excellence in the replacement industry. But hearing us say that is one thing, seeing for yourself is better. Your home is your most treasured possession and probably the greatest investment you will ever make. As such you deserve to work with a team that will stand by their products and services.

We love feedback from our clients, its the only way we can really know if we are delivering great service, and its the only way for others to know what we mean when we say we provide service that exceeds expectations. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you have all of the information available when you’re making decisions. We see real reviews, from real customers as one of the best ways of demonstrating our belief that our service is second to none.

How We Collect Reviews

Our owners, Patricia & Craig Perkins are so dedicated to offering only the best products, providing the best in service & employing the best people in the industry that they hire a third party to conduct surveys from all of our customers. One such company is Guild Quality.  Guild Quality is a company that provides customer satisfaction surveys for building professionals. Consumers can read unbiased, detailed reviews from previous customers to verify the quality of the company they are considering hiring for a project. The companies also benefit from hearing their customers’ honest assessments of the projects, learning about what areas they are excelling in and what areas need improvement.

While other online review sites can provide good information, their data often comes from either the happiest and least happy clients.  As a contrast, Guild Quality provides a detailed survey from a larger percentage of the client base, with a more robust sampling of the overall experience that clients are finding.  It is an essential process for companies that want to provide a great overall customer experience.